Planning Commission

Planning Commission Vacancy

The City of South Bend is looking for citizens interested in serving on the Planning Commission. The Commission provides a structured way for citizens to share opinions and perspectives, study issues, research policies, develop recommendations, and provide advice from the citizen perspective to the City Council.

Member terms are voluntary and generally fun four-years. If interested, please submit a brief
letter of interest to:

Mayor Julie Struck
PO Box 9
South Bend, WA 98586

Applications will be accepted until vacancies are filled. For additional information call City Hall
at 360-875-5571.

  • Scott Pearson Planning Commission Chairperson – Term till June 2024
  • Rinna McHugh Planning Commission – Term till May 2023
  • Norm Olsen Planning Commission – Term till January 2024
  • Kelly Spoor Planning Commission – Term till January 2025
  • Marcelina Medina Planning Commission – Term till March 2026
  • Contact the Planning Commission

South Bend Park Plan 5-9-2022
South Bend CAO Adopted 10-24-2016
South Bend CP June 2020
Shoreline Master Program (SMP)

Planning Commission Meetings

DateAgendasMeeting Minutes / Materials
June 7, 2022Agenda 
April 14, 2022AgendaMeeting Minutes
March 22, 2022AgendaMeeting Minutes
January 18, 2022AgendaMeeting Minutes
December 8, 2021AgendaMeeting Minutes
November 16, 2021Agenda – Cancelled 
October 12, 2021AgendaMeeting Minutes
June 24, 2021AgendaMeeting Minutes
Meeting Recording
June 10, 2021AgendaMeeting Minutes
Meeting Recording
February 4, 2021AgendaMeeting Minutes
Meeting Recording
December 15, 2020AgendaMeeting Minutes
Meeting Recording
December 7, 2020AgendaMeeting Minutes
Meeting Recording
August 20, 2020Public Hearing AgendaMeeting Minutes
Meeting Recording Notice of Decision –
Harbor Rock Final Short Subdivision
June 25, 2020Agenda – Cancelled 
March 4, 2020AgendaMeeting Minutes
February 5, 2020 Meeting Minutes