Madison St Safe Routes to School Sidewalk Project (SRTS)

On July 9, 2021, the City of South Bend was awarded a 100% grant from WSDOT’s SRTS for its Madison Street Sidewalk Improvements project in the amount of $477,100.

The project on Madison Street will install approximately 820 linear feet of 6-foot-wide pedestrian walkway and curb between 75 feet south of Highway 101 to First Street (main entry to South Bend’s Mike Morris Elementary School).  The project will also include ADA curb retrofits, crosswalk markings, static school speed zone signs, and speed feedback signs.

The project was advertised and bids were opened on October 19, 2022. Four responsive bidders submitted proposals, which ranged from a low of $492,670 to a high of $669,669. This was quite a bit higher than the engineer’s estimate and the city was left with a shortfall, so the project was put on hold until the city would be able to secure the shortfall amount for the project. The city had submitted requests to numerous funding agencies before finally securing the needed $175,000. It was with the help of Senator Jeff Wilson of the 19th District to pursue and secure the additional funding within the Capital Budget for 2023.