TIB Broadway Reconstruction Project (Broadway Ave. Improvements & Broadway Ave. Overlay)

In 2021 the City of South Bend was awarded a 100% grant in the amount of $543,162 from the Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) for the reconstruction of Broadway Ave. from Harrison St. to Monroe Ave. This project consists of pulverizing existing roadway and HPA overlay from Harrison to Monroe. It also includes concrete curb/gutter and storm water/other utilities improvements between Harrison and Quincy. Due to time constraints and wet weather timing, it was decided to hold back construction until 2023 which worked out well with the award of the Broadway Overlay. Both projects would be able to go to construction at the same time.

The City was also awarded in 2022 from TIB a 100% grant in the amount of $284,957 for the Broadway Ave. Overlay Project. The Scope is to overlay approximately 1,342 ft. of roadway from Adams St. to Monroe Ave. Stormwater improvements include installing new 12-inch storm pipe and laterals along Broadway Avenue and 12 Type 1 catch basins. Restoration will include topsoil and hydroseeding to margins of new sidewalks/curb, permanent signage, stop lines and crosswalk lines at all improved intersections. These projects should be complete by end of summer 2023.